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Extraordinary Music Instruction

Discover Your Talent For Music!

We Create Music Together

From the beginning, every student can make real music! I will of course make sure you learn all of the skills you need long term, but it can all be done in the context of having fun and making music at each step. I often have my students play along with recordings of their favorite songs, learn to write songs, and jam to make music together. 

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Lessons With an Array of Instruments

I offer lessons for Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, Drums, Beginning Piano, Music Theory, & Songwriting.

I teach many different styles that I've learned throughout my career. Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Metal, Blues, and even Polka on occasion! 

Meet Mr. Dan:

Hello Prospective Student, 

    My name is Daniel Erdahl or as kids often call me, Mr. Dan. I have been playing and studying music for over 30 years, and teaching for 20. I play and teach many, many styles. I started playing rock and blues as a kid, later becoming very focused on classical guitar. Over the years I have picked up several other instruments including ukulele, mandolin, banjo, drums, bass, vocals, and piano. 

   I decided in 2006 that I wanted to be a full-time professional music teacher, and developed a studio of 60 students a week. By 2008 I decided to open a larger music studio and hire teachers. Summer of 2008 I launched Broadway Music Academy in Orlando, FL, with 15 teachers instructing up to 300 students a week, and a retail store. 

   I currently call Bayonne, NJ home with my wonderful daughter. 

I teach fun and inspiring music classes in students homes.

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Listen to My Students

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